A Bulletin Board with a Purpose-An Interactive Opportunity for Students Schoolwide

daphne mooreAll schools have them.  All teachers spend hours decorating them. Bulletin boards canvas our school walls. They can be colorful, informative, seasonal, and notable.  However, Daphne Moore has a very unique bulletin board outside her classroom doors.  It is totally interactive and very student friendly! The bulletin board supports her ImagineIT project and centers around Earth’s ongoing water crisis.  While the board offers a plethora of information on the topic, a suggestion box is also attached.  This presents an opportunity for the entire school to have a voice and offer suggestions on ways Ms. Moore’s Class could potentially help with this global issue.

In connection with their studies, her ELA students are currently reading a novel entitled A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue.  The novel relates very well with her project-based unit.  It is the tale of two children, ages 11 and 12, growing up in Sudan. As part of the project, focus groups are assigned to a certain country. They are challenged to explore and study the water issues within their assigned country, as well as propose potential solutions. Moore states, “I want my students to learn to be compassionate towards their fellowmen, as well as seek ways to help citizens in several surrounding countries.”  She offers a strong pedagogical approach in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in hopes of improving the state of our global water crisis.